Weekend Happenings of a Mom…

So – before Isaac was born, everyone use to tell me how much work and sometimes headaches babies can be. But I have come to know, that it is all in one’s perspective. Mind you, I have had my moments of frustration and emotional breakdowns, but for the most part, it has been such a peaceful blessing.  

As Isaac gets bigger, I come to realize the kind of life I have been blessed with. You see, I might not be normal to the worlds standards, but I love to clean the house and just get this done around the house… odd I know 🙂

So I have some to love the weekends even more now that we share our lives with Isaac. You see, before he came, the weekends we somewhat lazy, with maybe dinner out or a movie. But we were and still are not very “out on the town/clubbing” type of people. So our weekends usually look like this…

Friday night: 5pm – home from work 🙂 6pm – usually eat something, either from the drive thru. left overs or I might make something. 7pm and on – be lazy and watch TV or maybe a movie while folding laundry – oh yeah – the laundry normally gets put in before work in the morning 🙂

Saturday: CUDDLE WITH ISAAC! Yep, he normally wakes up around 6am, he eats, then takes a nap. This is fabulous because I LOVE TO SLEEP! So I get up, feed him and then we cuddle either on the couch or in the bed for his morning nap! Then he hangs out with daddy while I clean and do more laundry – Sometimes we spend Saturday nights watching the LOST that Nana and Papa have recorded but otherwise, we are lazy on the couch again!

Sunday: Enjoy the smell of a clean house, hang out, nap, cuddle and finish up the laundry –

I love the peacefulness of our blessed life! God is so good! Praises Be!


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  1. Mary,
    I’ve been reading some of your past blogs and have enjoyed them very much..just to catch up a bit. Did you know Hunter was due November 3rd too? Weird. He came October 9th though…wayyyyyyyy early! Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool! Hey, email me at tarajeanpowers@yahoo.com

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