Christmas with a baby!

 I am always so excited for the holidays come October. My sister’s birthday is on Halloween so it always kicked off the holiday season. Well, this year, the birth of Isaac was the start to the holiday season. I will totally admit, I went camera crazy this Christmas. As you can see, I dressed even the dog up for pictures! Yes she was very patient with me, and she as always done well when I dress her up! But this year I could not let Christmas pass without taking thousands of pictures.


Christmas was always a big deal in my house when I was younger. We would celebrate all month long. We would have little advent activites and presents, we would listen to Christmas music, spend the weekends skiing and of course I have fabulous memories of all of us going Christmas shopping and trying to hide the gifts for my mom, dad, and sisters under my coat while I went shopping with everyone. No I never stole anything that I was hiding. 🙂

So this year was really special for me. With Isaac here and Andrew feeling much better, it was really a time of celebration. I cannot wait until we get to watch him open presents and then spend hours playing in the boxes they came it. I want to take him skiing and make sugar cookies with him, just so I can spend the next few days cleaning up all the mess like my grandma did at our house in Keystone.


Yes this year, at 2 months old, he went to see Santa. As you can tell from the picture, he was really bothered by it. He was sleeping and never even noticed that his crazy mom got him all dressed up to see this fabulous man. But I did take a picture so he could be aware of this occassion in the years to come! 🙂


But outside of all the fun memories and gifts, this year was different because there was something about this year that could never be measured by gifts. You see, last year, my husband was very ill and un able to do much of anything. But just 12 months later, he has experianced such healing and growth. The power of the Lord’s healing and faithfulness is something about this Christmas that will always be dear to my heart. I look back on these pictures and smile, often times with tear stained cheeks, because I know what it feels like to see the hands of the Lord touch someone you love, and that is the best gift of all!

Happy 2008!


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