What a year…

In just a few weeks, it will be a year ago when life changed for us. The unknown came around and everything changed. One day, we were going on vacations, out to restaurants and to the movies. Then, in just one night, it all changed. Something happened and I can still remember the day I got the call. I was working and Andrew called me, he was headed home from work, not really feeling well. Then, he called again and said, come home now. When I got there, something was not right.

We called 911 and the year I now know very well, began.  We spent the next several weeks, which turned into months, trying to figure out what was wrong. He was not the same, he would look at me almost as if he had no idea who I was. We spent days in and out of the hospital, nights were spent checking his vitals and making sure he was still here. I found a determination that I never knew existed. I found a power in prayer I never imaged. And I found strength I only thought very “mature woman” had.

There were days I did not shower, brush my teeth or change my clothes, and I work at the hospital, so I also got over really caring how people saw me, real fast. All I cared about was him. There was not time to make any phone calls or catch up on work; there was only time for prayer.   

I spent hours praying over him in the hospital, countless sleepless nights just watching him sleep because it was the only time he really looked peaceful and I talked with every physician I had any kind of connection with. We looked into all kinds of possible medical explanations. We ventured down bumpy roads that seemed to have no end and we eventually found something along the way. By no means did we find “the medical answer” we had been looking for, rather we found something much greater.

We found us. It was in the middle of the night in the hospital when I crawled in bed with him, just to hear him breathe and I realized then, he was the strongest man I have ever loved. From that moment on, my life changed in a way that I can hardly explain. Nothing else really mattered. I missed endless days of work, just to stay home with him, and take care of him. I wanted nothing more than to be there when he got better; I wanted nothing more than to understand what was happening.

And yet, a year later, there are still days of uncertainty and struggle. I can look back now and say with certainty that the past year was one of the best years of my life. When we got married, we said in sickness and in health. And I now know what it really means to stand by someone during the darkest moments. I love this man more today than I did a year ago.  

I am honored to be carrying his baby. I am honored to wear the ring he gave me, and I am honored to have his name. As we approach the next year, again filled with uncertainty, one thing I know without a doubt, we have an incredible God who can give miracles to the hopeless in their time of need.

Just think – a year and 1 month from the day Andrew first went to the hospital we will welcome our baby boy into the world. (That is if he does not come early) But never the less, in the midst of the trials of this past year, we have been given life. And is that not what the Lord promises, to give those who love Him no matter what, the gift of life?   


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  1. I’ll be cheering you guys on from the sidelines! Parenting is a blast!

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