Is she ready?

I was lying in bed this morning cuddling with the dog as I do on most mornings. I usually take a shower and then with my hair wrapped in the towel and my curling iron heating, I crawl back in bed and wrap up with the dog. So I got to thinking this morning, is this a part of my life that I will have to give up when we bring him home with us? If so, is she, the dog, really ready for this change?  

I enjoy our time together each morning. I often cuddle with her while I spend time with the Lord; I know she likes to listen to my conversations with Him. I read His word and then as I get ready for the day, she is a part of my conversation with Him. She sits on top of all the pillows, bright eyes and ears propped up just watching me get ready as if she is intently listening to my every word. I then carry her downstairs (yes I KNOW this will change and yes – she is spoiled) and she spends some time outside while I get the last things ready before I head off to work.  Our mornings are great together, we enjoy our time, or at least I enjoy my time with her. I just wonder how this will all change once we bring him home with us.  


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