Life as I knew it, 8 Years Ago…

As I look back over the past 8 years since my high school graduation, it is days like yesterday, April 16, 2007 that bring back painful memories. It was April 20, 1999 and I was in my accounting class, not really paying attention to the teacher, I was more involved in my conversation about my boyfriend at the time. We were then instructed via the over head system to turn on the news and remain in our classroom. It was at that time we learned about the horrific Columbine Shooting. Little did I know, the events of that day would make a significant impact on my life for the remaining two years. As the entire class sat there tear struck and speechless, life seemed to change instantly.  

I will now fast forward, it is now the one year anniversary of this horrific day, April 20, 2000. I remember it as if it was yesterday, a dear friend I met in college was involved in this day as she attended the school these students were transferred to and spent several hours in youth group with several of the students that were killed or injured. The nights before and after the anniversary were occupied with nightmares, long talks and lots of crying. I remember listening to her as she talked about the death of her friends, I was left speechless and all I could offer her was my shoulder and a box of tissues. I remember spending time in prayer, wondering if this was the worst thing that could ever happen.  

I will fast forward once again, it is now September 11, 2001. I am now I sophomore in college and remember coming back to my dorm as if I had nothing major to worry about. My roommates were sitting on the couch watching the TV. The look on their faces is something I will never forget. We watched as the events of the day unfolded. We were then instructed to attend a mandatory service in the school gym. The entire student body was there, we sat there as the events of the day were explained. Again, it was a time in life where it felt as if time stood still. You could only hear the sniffles in the room that come from endless tears. We spent hours in the gym, worshipping the Lord, praying and crying. As the day came to an end, I never thought there could be a more tragic event in my life time.  

Well, I was wrong, here it is April 16, 2007 and I am expecting my first child. I work in a hospital and we were notified in the late morning of the shooting at Virginia Tech. We were instructed to review our mass casualty plan and communicate with other facilities that surround the state. All of which is a precautionary measure, done in the event of a near by tragedy occurs at the same time or within the week. We are all working with this mass casualty plan in the back of our minds, trying to resume life as normal and yet openly knowing that life has once again been drastically changed forever.    

It is times like these that make the petty events in life seem so unimportant. I was once told that life is often consumed by dealing with the petty things. Well, these events are anything but petty. It is these events that shake the lives of all of us to the core, it is these things that make us want to hug our college age siblings and friends and it is these things that scare the crap out of those of us who are planning on bringing children into this world as we know it today.  

But it is also these things that bring me peace, because I am a child of the Almighty. I am a child of the One who is known as I AM. I am a child of the One and Only Savior. I am a child whose life does not end when my days on Earth are over. I work in a hospital and it is our job is to save the lives of those that come thru our doors, at all cost.  Are we willing to come together and do the same, are you willing to “save lives” at all cost? To me, there seems nothing more important than “saving lives”, at all cost. So today, as I pray for all those impacted by this tragedy, I will also pray for lives to be saved no matter the cost, knowing full well that I am openly asking to be used to save lives regardless of how it impacts me, my husband and my child, personally. Will you join me? Are you willing to save a life, if it cost you yours, or your husbands, or the lives of your child or children?  


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