Insight into my life as I know it….

All I have to say, is so far, I have fallen in love with Lays Potatoe Chips (in the yellow bag), Baked Potatoes, any type of Pasta and bread, Ceasar Salad, M&M’s (regular, not peanut), Cream of Potatoe Soup ( A PVMC Chief Mike Specialty), Cheese and Crackers, Grapes, Pineapple, Apples, Banannas and Pickels!

Things that I am not in love with, which is a shame are as follows; Tomatoes, Popcorn, Mac and Cheese, Chinese Food, Quesadilla’s, and anything from McDonalds…

I have talked with the Doctor… and I am allowed to have one caffeinated beverage a day… however, due to my emotions, yesterday (Sunday) I had two… Let’s hope this is not how it is going to be…

Yes, I have found that I am emotional… about everything. For example, Andrew and I were watching the Master’s Tournament (A MAJOR GOLF EVENT!) on Sunday and when the gentleman that won met up with his wife and new baby boy, I cried. I cried when they gave him his green jacket… it was an emotional event what can I say…


Yes, this is funny… why? Because it is so true… The morning is at times the worst… however, I will say that the “morning sickness” seems to last all day.


One Response

  1. Hi Mary!
    Hope you are feeling well these days. I couldn’t remember the wonderful due date? I bet you are an absolutely adorable pregnant lady! 🙂

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