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We have a secret!

You know, I am not a fan of keeping exciting secrets to myself… You see, when my sister was about to get engaged, her husband told me about it… 3 weeks before it was going to happen… so to keep this secret safe, I just simply quit talking to my sister. When she would log onto AOL IM, I would log off, when she would call, I would not answer and I never saw her in person. Since we were both in college it was a little easier to avoid her then. So you might ask, how have I kept this secret for 6 weeks…

YES I HAVE A SECRET!  You might ask how I have kept this lovely and exciting secret – well – I have not talked to may of you – I have not seen several of you and most of all, I have not tried to talk with you – why? Because I know I would spill the secret if I had talked to any of you – but the time has come to share this secret with you –  Andrew and I are having a BABY! We are 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant and we are due November 3, 2007.

 Over the past few months I have managed to survive the morning sickness, well technically, it was more like all day and all night sickness, but I have survived. I cannot express how truly excited I am about this. Andrew and I talk about the little things, like what the nursery will look like, what kind of names we like and or course we know this little one will be a golfer. There is no question about that. From the day we found out we were expecting, the little one has taken an interest in golf. Did you know there is now a golf channel in HD? How we survived before, we don’t know… but we did and it is now time to get the preparations started.   I am a huge planner, I love to plan everything. I will admit, however, that this little one, was not planned. Do you really think I would plan on being 6 months pregnant while I am moving a hospital and 58 patients? I may be OCD but I am not really that crazy.

But I will rest in knowing that the Lord has a great plan, and so far I am loving every minute of this little blessing.  To get you up to date on everything, we have a baby website that will fill you in on all the details that have happened while we have been keeping this secret. Since I could not blog about it I was forced to keep writing on this “secret” website. Yes, this has been a very hard secret to keep but I will admit that there have been a few select people that knew right away … we waited to say anything because we wanted to make sure we would not miscarry early on –  

I hope you enjoy the website – I will be keeping the blog up to speed on everything but the website will have a great deal of information!

Clink here for the website!!!


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  1. That is so cool! Congratulations!

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