Doggy Dreams

I know dogs dream – how do I know this? Well, my little one, who is just the most precious thing ever and totally runs our house, sleeps on our bed, she gets treats for no reason and she loves to cuddle. But last night, I know she was dreaming. There she was curled up on the foot of the bed just as cute as ever and all of a sudden she began to bark. She is still curled up in a little ball, but she is barking at something, I walk to the end of the bed to see what was going on.   Her eyes were closes and she looked so peaceful, but every now and then, there comes this little stream of barks. Well, it was loud enough to wake me up so I would not really call it “a little stream of barks” but anyway, I watched her for a few minutes and decided to go back to bed.

So I was just about to really fall asleep when I heard her little bark get louder, I looked up, and before I knew it – there she was, standing on all fours, barking at nothing. She then shook her little head, looked back at me and came right up to me as if she were a child that had a night mare. She slept at the head of the bed between my husband and I the rest of the night. Do I need to tell you that we, her and I, shared a pillow all night?

Yes, she is spoiled but she was scared or at least I thought she was…  It was just the most precious little thing. I adore this little one and could only image the dreams that were running through her little head last night. Oh life would be so dull without her. I will never know what caused such a fuss, but the fact remains, I believe she was dreaming and hey, she obviously needed some cuddle time!

Ps: The picture I attached is of her sleeping in her Halloween Custume – Needless to say, there were not many visitors in our neighborhood, so she took a little nap. I just wanted you all to know that she is truly spoiled, I was not making this up – she is our baby! Yes this is silly, I get made fun of for it all the time, but she knows she is loved and that is all that matters, right?


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