He is just fabulous!

It is interesting to me as I spend more time just focusing on the Lord how my outlook on things changes. You know, I often find reassurance in my faith when I look at things as if I had the eyes of a child. You see, I had a conversation with a friend recently and her daughter is one of my favorite people. She and I were talking about a mess I have found myself in, once again, and I as I listened to her words of advice, I was reassured of my Father’s love for me. You know, no matter how many times I screw up or find myself in a pit of messes, there He is, willing and ready to forgive me. And the best part – HE FORGETS TOO!


The word says that He does not remember our sins, He does not keep record of wrongs, and that, is a truth I will proclaim forever. You see, I have found myself in a mess, a rather large mess, and yet, I seem to keep getting myself in this mess. It is a regular ugly mess as I call it. You know, those things that when you look back on your life, are the ugly things that you don’t like about yourself. It is those very things that make us who we are; it is those things that make us unique and it is those things that often bring us to the foot of the cross in which we draw closer to our Father. So how can we really hate those things about ourselves? You see, I am in the process of refinement. I enjoy these periods in my life, for they produce growth. It is during these times that I am often secluded from anything and everyone that I do not have to have contact with in order to get by the daily tasks of life. Now, this mess I have found myself in, is something that I believe over the years I have made great progress in.


As I look back on my life, I see improvements in this area of ugliness, yet I am not satisfied with the progress I have made. Why is that? Why is it harder to forgive yourself when you get caught up in the areas of ugliness? There are no if ands or buts about it, the Lord’s forgiveness comes easily. Once it is given, it won’t be taken back and there is nothing one must do other than ask to receive it. It is so reassuring to know that no matter what areas of ugliness I may struggle with in the days, weeks or months to come, His love and forgiveness comes with no strings attached. There is only grace at His feet. There is only mercy within His arms and there is only love within His heart. There is something so simple, yet reassuring about it.


For now, I will sit in the midst of His grace, embrace His mercy and indulge in His love, knowing that He has forgiven me for my ugliness and keeps no records of wrongs, in which it is there I find freedom and deliverance. Praises be unto Him! Have a great day!


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