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Educational TV – The Simpson’s

The other night I was watching the Simpson’s. Yes I was watching with my husband, I have never really taken an interest to this particular show, not for any particular reason, other than it was never a common TV show in my house growing up. Actually, until I got married, I had never even seen an episode. So there I was, watching this show, some might say it is rather silly, however, something struck a cord within me. Yes I learned something from the Simpson’s.  This particular episode was one in which Marge felt as if she had no friends. She wanted desperately to have a group of girls to call her friends. She wanted to hang out with someone she could relate to. I think we all long for that. However, Homer, her husband did the sweetest thing. He ran around town trying to find his wife a friend. It was the most heartfelt thing I had ever seen in a cartoon. Now it might just be me, but for a rather interesting cartoon that often times gets a bad rap, this family is pretty functional.

You know, mom and dad are married, fight like normal people, and yet, they still love each other. Homer does stupid things that often land him in trouble, for example there is a Christmas episode where he comes across a lot of money and rather than spending it on his family, he decides to purchase a useless clock for the soul purpose of because he wanted it and it came from a fancy store, he spends time with the boys at the bar and often forgets important dates like his wife’s birthday or anniversary.  Regardless of what he does, one thing remains, he loves his wife more than anything. He loves his family and often times does anything and everything possible to make his wrongs right. So there I was, once again, watching this show, and at the end, something this cartoon husband said really stuck with me. After all Marge’s work to try and find friends to hang out with, in the end, she did not find anyone that she could relate to, so there they are, just the two of them, and he looks at her and says something along the lines of, Marge, no matter what, you will always be my best friend. It was the most powerful thing I had ever heard from a Cartoon!

I know I must sound like a moron, but seriously, their devotion to each other surpasses the devotion within most marriages. And yet, THEY ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE! I find it interesting that this is a make believe family and yet,  it seems to express the average person’s desire to achive the “All American Family”. You know, the American Dream fullfilled in a cartoon. You know, the husband, wife, house and 2.5 kids, oh and we must not forget the dog… Anyways, it was a nice reminder of how the relationship between a husband and his wife should be.  Rather than being over saturated with negative shows, this was a nice change, there was no real point to the show, other than Marge wanted friends and her husband reassured her of his love and devotion to her. And at the end of the day, he came to the rescue, he was there just to love on her.

It was nice to know that no matter what life brings their way, the two of them can make it through anything, and yes, all of this came from that 30 minute cartoon. Who says TV is not educational! Or inspiring rather… So yes, I want a marriage like the Simpon’s have. I want to love my husband no matter what he does or does not do. I want him to be my best friend and I want to spend forever with him. It is then that I will have the American Dream. After all, we all want to be loved. So this is my chance, to say to the world, nothing will come between me and my man – and yes, the Simpon’s had something to do with that!


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