All in a days work…

As the work week has kicked off, it is amazing to me how much stuff has to happen in the time period of 8 hours. Well technically it is more like 10 now a days…  Most of you know that I am a self diagnosed OCD sufferer. I plan everything, every meeting is on my calendar, I live by my Palm and I love to make lists. I have task lists, grocery list, reading list, scrap booking list, basically I just live by making lists. The best thing about making lists is the little box I draw off to the side for the sole purpose of placing a check mark in it when I have completed the task or purchased the item. I know, you are shacking your head and maybe even laughing, but I live by lists.  

So every day, I come into work, and on my Palm I have my calendar and tasks updated, as if anything would have changed over night, but you never know, again here comes the OCD thing. So I usually pack my day full, right now, I am meeting with several hospital departments to arrange their departmental and patient move strategies, so when I return for the meeting, again comes the list. You know, I make lists of the outstanding issues that were not resolved, the information I need to forward on and any other piece of information that could possibly mean anything some how makes it onto a list.  

The one thing in my day that drive me nuts and throws my list making and calendar to the wind… PHONE CALLS! Yes, people call all the time. With stupid questions or mindless information. Sales people, vendors wanting contracts, etc. Regardless, this does not fit into my day, I cannot place them on the calendar because I can not anticipate their call and they don’t belong on a list. There fore, they annoy me and totally mess up my routine, you know my working groove.   Emails are different, because I can do them from home or while I am trying to stay awake in a meeting, I can multi task,  thank you wireless technology, but phone calls, nope, if the phone rings, and I am here, I have to answer. It is another OCD thing, but never the less they annoy me.  

Well, that is my rant for the day, I am onto more ever so interesting work meetings. I will keep you informed on my list of OCD annoyances as time marches on – Notice, I even have a list of those 🙂 Have a great day!


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