As today comes to an end…

As today comes to an end, well technically as 4:30 approaches and I am getting ready to leave work, I will leave with a few mixed feelings. Today was a good day, I had a great birthday. Work was not too stressful, just busy enough to make the day go by fast enough and I have beautiful flowers that remind me that I am loved.  

However, today is also a little heartbreaking. With this letter I will close the day…  


You have been given a fabulous gift today. You see, he is just a little thing. He served a great purposed, reached thousands of people all of the world, and most of all he comes to you from some amazing parents. Thank you for your powerful love. Your life changing peace and your earth shattering grace. You are good, you are glorious and today, I leave with nothing but praises for you. I love you for more than I did yesterday, I know you better, I feel closer to you and most of all I am honored to be called one of yours. As you welcome home the little one, we send him to you with full praise. Today was a good day, thank you. I love you.  

Humbly Attempting to Serve You,  

Mary Vigil


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