And he returns home…

As I remember my friends today, little Noah’s parents, I enclosed her words. I hope you find them as inspiring as I did … 

Noah means “peace, rest, comfort”. Steven means “crowned”.  

Thanks to some friends who did some studying, here’s more about what Noah means: peace, or “shalom” from the Hebrew. It means, among other things, complete, whole, NOTHING MISSING, NOTHING BROKEN   

I am the richest woman in the entire world! It may be boastful, but, seriously, to be given the opportunity in modern day to literally and legally lay our child at the feet of God, that is the MIRACLE! Noah’s beautiful 7 month life here on this earth IS the miracle. My heart transformation, Jason’s, maybe yours…No matter what, no matter where, God gets ALL the glory! You see, what may bother some that the doctors never have diagnosed Noah, it adds to my peace…NO ONE CAN LABEL OUR SON! We are so very grateful that the ONLY reason for death is that Noah was given as a gift to the Most High God! Science wants to wrap its brain around a specific diagnosis, but when one lives up to one’s name, “Noah-Peace-Shalom-Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken”, then no test can define him, no category can label him, he is called by his name. The death certificate can’t say something specific. Unless you want to get technical, then fill in the blanks with “Earth sucks. He got a glimpse of Perfection so Noah went home to be with Jesus.” So sorry, devil (fyi, he’s unworthy of upper case emphasis!), but obviously you are quite dense because you try this daily all over the world. You try to cause hearts to harden toward God, try to distract and discourage. You messed with the wrong family…We’ll only shout it louder, love harder, tell even more people about the amazing unconditional love of God, the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the Peace that passes all understanding. Noah is God’s alone and the devil does not get one bit of the glory. 

Interesting that this woman can look at her son and literally be at peace about his passing. She, her husband and their daughter have been living at the hospital for just over 5 months, and yet, they have no answers, they have no diagnosis and they will lay their son at the feet of Jesus Christ today with no regrets. I find their faith beautiful. I find their devotion inspiring and I find myself in awe of the Lord’s favor upon one family during their time of need.  From the outside looking in, the Lord has showered these people with blessings. He has made His presence known and He has never forgotten a single one of their needs. And yet, their sweet boy will return to Jesus today.

So they may not have gotten everything, but what they received, the love of their Savior, the reassurance of His devotion to them and the unwavering peace is enough to satisfy the heart of this mother. I love them, I love Him and I am inspired by their beautiful faith.

Have a great day – it is one of Glory unto God and one when a child returns home!

Praises Be Forever and Ever Amen!


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  1. What a truly inspiring family. The perspective they have is one of God’s love and grace that never ends. Our prayers are with them.

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