I will carry that for you…

As I have watched Andrew begin his time of healing, now going on 18 weeks, I have been so blessed thru the conversations I have had with the Lord, the people that have crossed my path and as interesting as it may sound, the people I have come to call friends simply thru our connection of the newest internet phase of blogging. You see, I have come to know a little sweet boy by the name of Noah. He got sick just around the same time as Andrew so his mother and I have been talking about our lives surrounded by Physicians and praying for each other as our families are admits this rather trying time. We have shared our frustrations, our joys and our moments with Lord, most of all we have shared our connection to Jesus. One that is life changing and has been a large encouragement to me during the past 4 ½ months. Well, I was informed on Monday, little Noah will be taken off life support this Friday, January 12, 2007. Ironically that is my 26th birthday.

As I watch his family remain faithful to the Lord, literally laying their son at the feet of Jesus Christ as a living sacrifice, I am in awe at their strength. As bad as things have been with Andrew, as frustrated as I have been with the physicians and as many tears as I have cried during the wee hours of the morning, nothing compares to what my friends are experiencing.  

I am reminded of Galatians 6:2 “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” The word carry strikes a cord within me. When I think about it, carry literally means, pick them up and take them from them. Make their load light and your load heavy. Walk with their burdens so that they are not consumed by the weight they bring.  Add their burdens onto your load. That my friends; is a rather large task.

Are we really willing to do that for those we love or even for those we just “hang out” with, are we willing to weigh ourselves down just to make the load others carry lighter or non existant? This is what it truly means to walk with one another in faith. Interesting thought…


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