Birthday Month!

So most people celebrate their birthday for one day or even one week. I however celebrate my birthday for the entire month of January. Yes this is my birthday month! I celebrate it for the entire month for several reasons. First, because it is so much fun to have a long birthday. Second – it relieves the pressure on my husband of making plans for one particular day. Third – because I was a big baby – like 10 pounds big so I am sure my mother had an interesting month, so I will celebrate in her honor. J  

I will say that celebrating the entire month makes life so much fun. You see, in my fantasy world, the birthday girl, one gets to pick the restaurants, movies, games and of course has limited house chores for that month. The Birthday girl gets to make up all the rules for the month with the first rule  being that she can change any rule previously set or her mind at any time, simply because it is her birthday. Yes in the fantasy world, this month is ruled by the Birthday Girl!  

Now, in reality, I am still the Birthday girl, I still get to pick the restaurants, movies, games, etc. But this year, this month has really been one I treasure more than the birthday months of the past. I have been able to spend a lot of time talking with family, seeing family and most of all, this year; I have felt as if the Lord and I are inseparable. It has been a nice month for us; you know to celebrate my birthday together. To talk amidst the wee hours of the morning and we just spend time together. It has been a nice month so far –  

If you have never adopted the Birthday month policy – I would highly recommend it. J


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