Because His Word Says So…

I spent time in the Word this morning… I have found myself in the midst of a rather cumbersome situation… Just another refining situation, all of which leads to a deeper relationship with my Love, Father and Savior…  

I believe the Lord has plans to do great things for me, and I will be filled with His overwhelming joy. I will and have sow countless tears, however, His word says that I will reap with songs of joy. I make a desperate cry to Him, I plead for His help midst my pain and I am attempting to believe His word, His promises. I know He will be faithful in filling my life, soul and heart with joy, for His word says so. My suffering will not be in vain, for His word says so and I will be restored and made strong, steadfast and firm after I have suffered only for a while. Simply because His word says so.  

I know my God is huge, I know He is able and I know that if I don’t get what I ask for, surely I will get something bigger and better. For it is His word that says so. I have enjoyed my time with the Lord each morning; as for the rest of the day, we talk all the time, something I cannot live without. Here is to another day, amidst refinement, all for His glory. That is my purpose!


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