My favorite things…

It has been no secret that my husband has been seriously ill for the past 16 weeks, and I have come to notice the things that I forget about in times of crisis. So as I sit at my desk, looking out my window with the snow falling, for some reason I am caught up in emotion which make me think about all the simple things in life I love. So I have come up with a list for your reading pleasure. J   

·         Jesus – the simplicity of His love. I have found I try to understand and I end up making it more complicated than I need to. He loves me, I love Him and I bleed with passion for Him because He died for me. Simple as that.

·         My Bible – I carry it with me everywhere. And if my purse is a small one, then I have a smaller Bible I carry with me. It is kind of like a little one who carries a blanket around with them. J

·         My Church – Northern Hills –

·         Keystone Colorado – Night skiing, splashing water on glass doors while pretending to be a mermaid in the hut tub and the simple smell of leather furniture and home cooked food as we walked thru the doors.

·         Hot Chocolate – I think Daz Bog Hot Chocolate is better than Starbucks but have no fear I will go to both places 🙂

·         McDonalds – my fast food of choice, it is strange but it is a comfort food for me, needless to say I have come to love the Brighton McDonalds in the past 16 weeks.

·         Snow – The cold on my face as I scrape my car windows and the warmth within my house under tons of blankets is something that can never be replaced.

·         College Roommates – the fact that there are only 4 other women in this world that can say they have seen me dance and lip sing on a kitchen counter during a slumber party in which the 5 of us laughed until we hurt!

·         Manicures, Pedicures – yes I love manicures, even if I bite my nails until they bleed and pedicures, well they are just the greatest thing next to sliced bread! There is nothing better than a little pampering.

·         Visa – I love the memories I have shopping with my Grandma until our feet hurt and we could not carry any more bags. She was a woman who truly knew how to shop! She had credit cards for every retail store you could imagine and her little black convertible was something special to ride in!

·         Nhyja – The simple fact that she is so excited every time I get home, regardless of if I was gone for 10 days or just a short trip to the mail box. She always is so excited to see me. It is a pure picture of unconditional love!

·         Rain – The romance that comes with rainy nights is unlike anything else.

·         Warm Concrete – Some might think I am strange but I love to lay on the warm concrete in the summer.

·         Peanut M&M’s and Popcorn – A simple and tasty snack that I treasure.

·         Phase 10 – A card game Andrew and I have played a lot in the last 16 weeks. We have played in the middle of the night, in the early morning or simple during an afternoon movie. And I take great pleasure in winning even if he is sick. 

·         Liquid Dish Soap – Strange I know, but hear me out. You see when one is on a tight budget and would give anything for a long warm bath; I have come to know that liquid dish soap produces a great deal of bubbles for the perfect bubble bath. And it is significantly cheaper than bubble bath!

·         Finally – Mac & Cheese or PB & Honey – I have come to understand the simple pleasure that comes from a dinner that every child loves. During the last 16 weeks, I have taken a liking to the simplistic meals one can make in the wee hours of the morning. And besides there is noting more meaningful when the one you love makes you a bowl of Mac & Cheese just to say thank you for taking care of him.


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