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Snow days!

Well, as it turns out I was given an unexpected extra long weekend for Christmas. I was sent home early from work on Wednesday before Christmas, because it was a blizzard outside. Yes, I was snowed in for two days. I could not leave the house, even if I wanted to. I prayed for a white Christmas, I love this time of year and snow covered ground makes it just perfect. I must say, the long weekend was nice, but being back at work has been a little bit rough. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is my favorite time of year, beside the Friday after Thanksgiving, it is the best time of year for those of us who are shopaholics – yes I enjoy the mall.

However, this year is different, rather than shopping, I am working, however, life at work is not too shabby…. I have an endless supply of popcorn, chocolate and fresh fruit baskets, so if the weather man is correct and we get another blizzard later this week, I will be taken care of on the off chance I get stuck at work! 🙂

I hope your Christmas was enjoyable and your home was filled with loved ones!  

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