Beth Moore pulls through once again… her words speak to me and often bring me to my knees… A Painful Deliverance 

Scripture Reading: Acts 27:1-28:10  

Today’s Treasure: “Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ” Romans 10:17. Faith transforms character.  You may not always be aware of another person’s absence of faith, but you will quickly be aware of another person’s presence of faith! Our Christian character is dramatically dictated by our measure of faith. 

I gathered the following truths from Paul’s shipwreck account in Acts 27:1-28:10. Feelings or perceptions cannot be the basis of faith even in the most Spirit-filled life.  Compare Acts 27:10 and 27:24.  Notice that Paul’s discernment was not entirely accurate.  What He thought was going to happen and what actually happened were two different things.   His feelings were biased by what he could see.  Although they experienced plenty of discomfort, no loss of life resulted as Paul expected.  One reason many people feel “disappointed in God” is because they treated their feelings as fact. 

However, as we will see, Paul’s feelings were not so convincing that he was deaf to the facts. Faith comes from listening! 

Read Today’s Treasure again. Notice that faith became an issue once the Word of God was spoken.  Before He heard from God, Paul did not assume that all would go well.  In fact, he assumed exactly the opposite.  If you know God has directly applied His Word to your situation, then believe!  If you are not sure, keep seeking Him until you are.  The most certain way to know God is to know His Word!  Paul had a steadfast faith in the midst of a rocky ride because he listened and responded to God’s Word!  God is perfectly capable of speaking over the wind and the waves.  He may calm them as He did for His disciples, or He may lead you through them as He did Paul.  Either way, keep listening—then take Him at His Word.God’s deliverance came through the ship running aground! 

Look at Acts 27:26.  God promised to deliver them, “Nevertheless, we must run aground.”  Deliverance does not mean ease.  It may be simple and painless, or, God’s deliverance in your life may be one of the most excruciating things you ever experience. 

God has “delivered” me from my childhood trauma, but that deliverance was extremely painful.  Difficulty does not necessarily mean disaster.  Heavy winds and raging seas don’t always mean you’re on the wrong course.  It may mean you’re right on target.  Believer, celebrate the fact that you can sometimes “run aground” on the island of God’s will for your life!  Perhaps He couldn’t get you to your destination any other way, and, like Paul, you may run aground for the sake of the crew on board with you!God always has a destination in mind when He delivers.  God has a place of kindness, warmth, and welcome.  A place where, once you have been faithful to who He is, He will show you what He can do. 

Malta was a place of miracles, a place of healing, and a place of supplication.  The waters may be rough, and we may have to toss a few things overboard to keep from sinking, but, if we believe, God provides deliverance even in the midst of “Plan B.”  If only we would release God from our preconceived notions of what a miracle should be!  Our eyes would be opened to so much more!  All it takes to behold a miracle is seeing God do something only He can do! 

I am so thankful to know that during times when we might have overlooked sound advice and headed straight into a storm, it is still possible to run aground into God’s will.   

Listen and believe.  


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