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On days like this…

It is on days like this that I spend time day dreaming that I have no worries, no responsibilities and I am what some refer to as a snow bum. Yes, I would love to spend days like today on the mountain, skiing or boarding, but either way, just away from life and all that comes with growing up. I have great memories of the time I spent on the mountain, hot chocolate at the point cabin, eating candy while on the chair lifts, dropping some form of clothing off the lifts and then having to track it down while attempting not to run into any stationary objects. I love the cold on my nose as I cover my face with a scarf, I love the sound the snow makes right after it is freshly groomed and I even love the lift lines. You can meet some interesting people in a lift line. I love the bread bowl soup lunches that seem to always cost a lot of  money, but for some reason they always sound better than the sandwich I packed and stuffed into some random pocket. I love the McDonalds in Silverthorne, because we always stopped there right before the lifts opened. And most of all I love the feeling the consumes me as I stand at the top of the run, trying to figure out my path of survival. It is during December that I miss these moments the most, it is this month that the entire family would pack up for a few weeks and all stay in the Mountain House. We played in the hot tub, ran around the house on sugar highs and hid under the stair case thinking no one would find us – regardless of how much trouble we got in, we always felt untouchable under that wood stair case. We made homemade sugar cookies, we woke up to Grandpa’s cinnamon toast that would kill someone if their heart was even mildly weak and we laughed as we got dressed in the living room while we tried not to exude too much energy in fear of getting too hot while we pile on the ski clothes. Oh the memories I have and hope to create with my kids one day – until then, work and day dreams will satisfy.


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  1. Ohhh Mary you soo wrote this before we even had our MySpace discussion about these things.. amaing…. It made me want to cry…. when we talked earlier I so almost mentioned hideing under the stairs… I LOVE YOU! 🙂

  2. […] ·         Keystone Colorado – Night skiing, splashing water on glass doors while pretending to be a mermaid in the hut tub and the simple smell of leather furniture and home cooked food as we walked thru the doors. […]

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