Tattoo #1

I have always wanted a tattoo, so I am determined to get one; I know this is the rebellion in me. However, I would like the “address” of this verse, Psalm 46:5, written in Hebrew on the inside of my left wrist. I have yet to determine the scripture “address” that will be written on the inside of my right wrist, but when I do, you will be the first to know!I have come to love this simple verse within Psalm 46:5. The entire Psalm encourages us to hope and trust in God; in His power and providence, and His gracious presence with His church in the worst of times. We may apply it to spiritual enemies, and the encouragement we have that, through Christ, we shall be conquerors over them. He is a Help, a present Help, a Help found, one whom we have found to be so; a Help at hand, one that is always near; we cannot desire a better, nor shall we ever find the like in any creature.

The Hebrew phrase “JehovahEzer” is translated as the “LORD [my] Help” or the “LORD [our] Help“. Strictly speaking “Jehovah ‘Ezer” is not one of the classic Names of God, because the Scripture never specifically declares “His Name is Jehovah ‘Ezer“.  The writer of Hebrews however does describe God as “the Lord (is) my Helper” (where the verb “is” has been added by the translators) (Heb13:6). I love that one verse can say so many things. I am breathless when I read one word within this short verse, “her”. I know through studying this scripture that the word “her” is in reference to the church. But I am a part of the Lord’s church, therefore it is in reference to me. This verse gives me great confidence and assurance that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. This verse is one that will mark my life forever.  Because I am in love with the Lord, I have confidence in the fact that his word dwells richly within me, therefore I shall be established, I shall be helped; I shall trust and not be afraid.I love the different translations of this verse, the various translations all bring peace upon my heart, they are all promises that I will never be forsaken. And that I will not fall because He will forever help me.  

Psalm 46:5 (New International Version)

God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. 

Psalm 46:5 (New Life Version) 

God is in the center of her. She will not be moved. God will help her when the morning comes. 

I love that this translation says “when the morning comes.” I often feel as if the days overwhelm me and a new day begins with new promises. I remember a time in high school when my heart was broken and I spent the majority of the night crying. You know, I was just politely crying, I was full blown crying, and that is when my mom said to me, “Honey things always look better in the morning”. It was then I took a warm bath and went to bed. This translation, gives me assurance that things will always look better in the morning, for I will not be moved, I will always have His help.  God is good, and it amazes me how faithful He is in revealing Himself to me. May you find blessings today that you never thought possible! Have a great morning –


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