My girls!

This weekend was filled with wedding events, well not just any wedding, my cousins wedding. Now, growing up we were all very close. Our entire family lived in Fort Collins, CO, all 20 of us. We all got together on several occasions; all of the Holidays were surrounded by the entire family. We spent the weekends in the winter at our family home in Keystone; we would open the mountain, ski all day and usually return after a successful night of skiing, which creates a total of 10 hours on the mountain. We would all strip off our ski clothes, with the excitement of being able to swim in the hot tub. We would race to see who would put their swim suit on the fastest and be in the hot tub the fastest. The summers were surrounded by camping trips to South Dakota and of course hours spent on any lake we could find skiing behind the boat. The school years were spent together, we all went through high school, one after another. Three of us went to the same high school, we saw each other in the hall way during passing periods, we ate lunch together and we considered each other friends. Needless to say, high school rivalry was tense among our family, 3 of us went to Poudre and 1 went to Rocky, football games were filled with lots of school spirit, and it seemed that we could always find each other regardless of what side of French Field we called home. Since high school we have gone our separate ways, but needless to say when we get back together it is as if nothing has changed. I guess that is how one knows they have truly found a friend. In these girls, I have found true friends and most of all the power that comes from a bond so tight between four girls who have years of history behind them and years of memories ahead of them. I love you!


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