Holiday Grump…

So I have decided to get into the Holiday spirit and break out the Christmas Music. Now, I know I am beind on the Holiday celebration according to some of my friends – however, I am listening to Kozy 101 at work, why you might ask? Because I don’t want  purchase Christmas Music on Itunes… so I will settle for Kozy. However, I must say that not all Christmas music can be classified is “easy listening” or even good listening for that matter.

For example, who wants to listen to the ChipMonks (sp – sorry) sing period, let alone sing Jingle Bells… I might be a Holiday grump but I seriously dislike stupid Christmas music… Am I the only one out there? I dought it –

There is a code when it comes to celebrating the holidays – or at least in my mind there is. And stupid holiday music is not a thing to celebrate. I have included my top ten list of Holiday no no’s for your viewing pleasure.

1. Stupid/Cheesey Music

2. Oversized snow globes in one’s front yard.

3. Move-able or talking Santa’s that either move or speak upon the approach of people.

4. Singing holiday lights – regardless of if they are inside or outside.

5. Scrambled holiday lights that seem to have no order to them what so ever – I know I am OCD, but seriously untangle the lights before you hang them!

6. Light up or singing personal accessories – ie: singing ties or sweaters.

7. Holiday socks visable by summer sandles – seriously, it is okay to wear holiday socks, but it is not ever okay to wear socks and summer sandles together regardless of the season…

8. Adult couples dressed in matching holiday attire…. you know a man would never pick out that outfit – Ladies be nice to your man, don’t make him wear that stuff…

9. Over done and tastless office decorations – one can be in the Holiday spirit without puting a life size blow up snowmen in one’s office. Yes that is something I can across today – a life size snow man with a “Happy Holiday’s” sign that lights up and sings – I was only in the office for 20 minutes and it drove me nuts – imagine after 8 hours a day!

10. Finally, regardless of how much one loves the Holidays, I encourage you to seriously think about what you look like before leaving the house decorated in holiday sweaters, ties, and other items of clothing. One can express their holiday spirit but all I ask is that one takes a quick look in the mirror before leaving the house.

These are just a few things to think about, now comes my disclaimer. I love the holidays, I love Christmas and I love to decorate, but there are some things I just cannot do – for that, some might think of me as a Holiday grump…


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