Text Messaging…

So I spent the evening with 4 delightful young ladies who come to my house every Monday night. We hang out, do some Bible Study and talk about life. Now, these young ones are just that young, and I was put to shame last night… you see, I have been about three months ago I was introduced to the age of Text Messaging… now I am not a pro, but I can definitely hang when it comes to this new avenue of communication. Or at least I thought I had some skill, that is, until last night. These young ones can text, while listening and looking at me while I am talking, yes they can do it all at the same time. The messages they send are done at lightening speed, in which I will admit I am still working on my first couple words. Needless to say, I am feeling old and out of the loop. My goal, to improve my texting skills in hopes to one day be as fast and accurate as them. I will place a disclaimer on this post: there is a certain lingo one must learn to really understand and get the full experience of text messaging, perhaps my lack of knowledge is why it takes me so long to text… I have to actually spell out what I am trying to say… Side note: texting is not recognized by spell check, maybe because spell check is still a few years behind the lingo? That makes me feel better!


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