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More on “Pie Moments…”

A while ago I posted my opinion on what I refer to as “Pie Moments“. Again, my fabulous friend, via TV, Lorelei Gilmore once said…“There have been very few moments in my life where I have actually wished I had one of those enormous cream pies you can just smash in someone’s face, but this is definitely one of them.”  Well, today is once again, one of those days. I would give anything just have it be socially acceptable to smash a cream pie in one’s face every once and a while. Life would be more enjoyable, and maybe people would just be nicer knowing that by being mean they are leaving themselves wide open for a “pie moment” … just image how the world would change with a simple pie law… Imagine how your work atmospher would change with a simple “Pie Law”. I could name a few people today in which I would get great pleasure out of executing this law! Until then, I will dream of that day…


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