I have come to understand that the working world is rather cumbersome… there is a sense of mourning that comes from realizing the weekend has ended and Monday has arrived. Although there is a sense of comfort in coming to understand the things a girl gets to have simply because she works. For example, I love my house; it is nothing fancy, just a quite little townhome on the outskirts of Brighton, CO. I love the feeling of coming home at the end of the day to my house, a place of refuge when life gets overwhelming and a safe haven in which I feel almost untouchable by the nastiness of life.  I came to an interesting realization last night, well technically this morning when I could not sleep… As I was lying in bed I came to understand that we could remain in our house for the next ten years. Realistically, we could, we could have two kids in our house in which they would share a room. We have a large two bedroom townhome; the house has two bedrooms upstairs with a large loft that we currently use as an office. The downstairs has an oversized living and dining room attached to a giant kitchen…Needless to say the 2.5 bathrooms give us enough space to grow and entertain a few friends every week… So in the midst of my sleepless morning I have come to terms with that the house I currently live in is one that I could spend many years building thousands of memories. I think it is this time of year when many people get overwhelmed with the bigger and better mentality in life. You know, “if I just had a bigger house I would be happy…” however, I have come to terms with the simplicity that comes from having just enough space and just enough people to fill that space. It amazes me to think of all the people I know and love that are richly blessed but the world might view them as poor, however, I would rather be blessed with a house that is too full, compared to empty…   Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a few things I would change in the coming years, you know I would do a little crown molding down stairs to hide the messy trim, I would replace the carpet, just because I don’t like it and I think it is cheap carpet… I would build a loft in the garage for the boys to play poker in and hang out in, I would build shelves for our rather tall crawl space to help organize the things in storage and I would do a little more painting, but other than that short little list, there is nothing to be done. I must admit, right now, I am addicted to home improvement.  Just something to ponder for a Monday morning… interesting what happens when one is attempting to work…


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