Words, Places and Things

As I was driving to lunch, I began to think of the fact that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I came across a list of words, places or things I am thankful for, I know that might seem odd, but it was really eye opening to me. I have come to understand that words, places or things mean several different things to several different people, so don’t be shocked if you have no idea what I am talking about! 

Word: Ponays ~ I am thankful for the hidden message in that word, who it reminds me of and life that lies ahead of me.  Word: Dolly ~ I am thankful for the little one that I love, her family and most of all her innocence as a child.  Word: Hike ~ I am thankful for the hours I spent hiking with a dear friend and the conversations that came out of those hikes.  Word: Ram it ~ Well technically it is two words, but I am thankful for the memories I have surrounding cheerleading.   Word: Turkey ~ I am thankful for the person this word reminds me of and the years we have spent as friends. Word: Keg ~ Yes, people can be thankful for kegs, I am thankful for the laughter filled nights surrounded by high school friends.  Word: Impala ~ I am thankful for the memories of high school and the result of making it to graduation! Word: Believe ~ I am thankful for the note my mom gave me that simply said “I Believe You!” Word: Giants~ I am thankful for knowing what it means to achiver a long time goal and overcoming the pain of failure. 

Place: Keystone, CO ~ I am thankful for the memories that reside nestled in the Rocky Mountains.  Place: Lakewood, CO ~ I am thankful for my college education J  Place: Silverthorne, CO ~ I am thankful for our memories we have and the time we spend there.   Place: NHCC ~ I am thankful for a grace filled place in which I can be completely broken! Place: Fort Fun ~ I am thankful for the people who live there, the things I experienced there and feeling of uncertainty as to who you might see at the store! 

Thing: Fancy Blue Cars~ Regardless of the make and model, I am thankful for all the fancy blue cars that I pass on the road, for they remind me of a dear friend.  Thing: Apple Flavored Power Bars ~ I am thankful for the hours, months and years I spent perfectly my love for gymnastics.  Thing: Mnt. Dew ~ I am thankful for caffeine, who am I kidding! Thing: Dog Bones ~ I am thankful for my little one’s addiction to dog treats and my addiction to seeing her dance for them.  Thing: Colored Pens ~ I am thankful for the joy that comes from writing in various colors for no real reason at all.  Thing: Chalk~ I am thankful for the perseverance that comes from blistered and bloody hands. Thing: Saturn ~ I am thankful for the memory of my first big purchase and the feeling of actually owning something. Yes it was a 97 Blue two door saturn with a little sports fin. Oh the memories that car holds!

And finally, I am thankful for you, who are reading this, you I will see over the Holiday and for those who I call friends and have yet to meet in person. May the Lord richly bless you as you experiance the Thanksgiving Holiday! I love you!


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