4 Years Ago…

She was 3 years old, four years ago… the most powerful thing she ever said to me was just days after her birthday, which is this month by the way. Happy Birthday Dolly! Anyways, four years ago, her best friend Landry, who was also 3 was killed in a car accident. I remember coming home and watching the Dolly’s mom tell her that Landry went to stay with Jesus. As the conversation continued, the Dolly looked at me and said with certainty, “Miss. Mary, aren’t we happy Landry is with Jesus?” My reponse, “Yes baby we are…” Her reponse back to me, “well then, I will clap for joy at church on Sunday.” I know, that is just adorable! However, the simple sentence that changed my entire life came just two days after Landry’s death. The Dolly and I were headed to my grandmother’s birthday party, her brother was going to come with us, so she packed a few toys, a change of clothes, a few books, several pairs of shoes and of course she tried to talk me into taking the dog with us. When I asked her why she had packed so much, she looked at me with the most serious look on her face and said, “Welll, Miss Mary, after we are done at your gramma’s, I want to have a play date with Landry and Jesus.” My eyes filled with tears as I tried to explain to her that was not possible, she would have none of it, she demanded to bring all her stuff with us, so we put it in the car. The time came when my grandmother ‘s party was over and we all got back in the car, the Dolly once again looked at me completely serious and said, “Miss Mary, I love you with all my heart, but I am ready to go play with Landry and Jesus now.” The entire way home, which was an hour, she cried because she was so upset about not being able to have a play date with Landry and Jesus. She pouted because she felt like it was unfair that Landry got to play with Jesus and she was forced to hang out with me for the rest of the weekend. She was so mad at me for the next two days, she would not talk with me, simply because my answer was no, however, it is amazing what a spend over in my room with The Little Mermaid would do to repair a frienship with a 3 year old. As the Dolly gets older, the pictures of her last days with Landry are something the little one treasures. It is always refreshing to be reminded of the faith children have, so simple and yet, so powerful. For Jesus said, we are to have faith like a child. The little one has taught me so much about faith…

Have a great Holiday weekend, good night!


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