The reality of graduating college…

So this week is one of my favorite weeks throughout the entire year. Actually, I just love this time of year… Halloween is the kick off to the fall season as well as the start of the
Holiday season, and then there is Thanksgiving. I have noticed however, my love for the
Holiday’s have steadily increased as I have gotten older. I love the thought of having the huge family dinner for Thanksgiving, of course there is always the plus of having a four day weekend, and then there is the ever so wonderful leftovers that we get to consume Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The weekend is full of football, family games and long naps. As I come to the completion of the work week, I have come to terms with the reality of the every day life of an adult is setting in. You see, this is the second year that I have been grieving the loss of
Holiday vacations.  I have been in the working world for 2 years, which means I have not been a full time college student for a while. And when one is in college, they have the opportunity to enjoy such luxuries known as “breaks or holidays”. For example, there is fall break – a week after school starts in which the students do not have classes to attend and the campus is flooded with parties and late night events. There is Thanksgiving break, again, a week vacation from the daily grind of school in which students have the opportunity to return home and see family. There is Christmas break or winter break, which depending on the school can vary in time from 4 weeks off to as many as 6 weeks off from school. Mind you there is normally only two weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays… Well, to my surprise adults in the working world get far less vacation time than that of a college student, and here is the kicker – some employers do not pay their employees for the time off around the holiday’s aside from the actual day the holiday occurs on! Another shocker, hold on this on is also a big kicker, some places of employment are actually open on those holidays, like mine for example! People actually have to work on the holidays – I know this might seem trite to some, but as a college graduate struggling with the realities of real life, this is a huge life lesson in which needs to have to honor of being blogged. I know there are others out there who are grieving the loss of their college freedom and excessive holiday breaks, so to them I want to say, I too am grieving and we can pull through this harsh reality!


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