Battle wounds…

On our wedding day, I presented you with a gift that some might think was rather odd. Right after we said our vows and were officially married, I wanted to give you a gift that would be the first gift I ever gave my husband. I gave you a sword. Not just any sword, but the Braveheart sword, I had it made for your height and weight, nothing was overlooked. I wanted it to be as real as they come. As I look back over the past 3 years, we have done our fair share of fighting, not fighting with each other, although we did that too, but more so, we have fought for each other. I remember taking the microphone and looking at you straight in the eyes. I told you a few things, and as I reminisce, I want to share those things once again with you.  

Andrew – you are the only man who has fought for me, you persued me with all you had. You have made me safe within your arms, you have always protected me and above all you have prayed for me. Regardless of my past, you loved me, you accepted me and you wanted to marry me! Well, you have won my heart, you have my heart and you have me. As we start the next chapter of our adventure, I want to give you this to equip you with what you need as you continue to fight for us, and for me. As the man of the house, the leader within our relationship and the father of our children, it is important to me to present this to you. This sword represents your position within our home, the leader, the one that will fight for our family and our faith. As you go to your job everyday, as you pray for us every night and as you watch us grow in faith, there will be many battles that will require you to fight, at times I understand that I will fight for you as well, but it gives me great confidence to know that you will fight for me and our family for the remainder of our lives. This sword also represents my position within our home, for I will stand by you as you fight the many battles that will come, I will pray for you as you go into battle and I will be there when it is over, and most of all I will support you in whatever and where ever life takes us. This sword also represents something far deeper; it is the Word of the Lord that I give you. With that, I am committed to pray for you daily, love you in the ways of the Lord and most of all encourage you to always seek Him first. This is my commitment to you, my love.  

As I look back on what I said, and what I gave you, I am speechless as I look at the battles we have faced. Needless to say, we did not approach all of them perfectly, nor did we have the best attitude during some of those battles, but regardless, we stood strong, we fought together and above all, we came out more in love and with a deeper understanding of what it means to truly love one another. This sword sits in our bedroom, and as I was leaving for work this morning, I looked at it, and then at you, it means more today than it did on the day we were married, for it now has battle wounds, defining markings that were made during our past few years. Regardless of where life takes us, or the battles we fight from here on out, I stand beside you, with His word in my hand and written upon my heart, fully devoted to you my love. I love you!


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