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Growing Pains…

Growing up is something one cannot avoid. As I look at pictures of people who have touched my life, I am shocked at how fast the time has past. This month, the dolly has another birthday; it seems like just yesterday she was only 3 and we were having spend over’s with movies and candy. She was the little one that would light up my day, her smile is contagious and her laugh is heart warming. She is not even my kiddo and my heart beats for her. I remember the summer I watched three kids from
Fort Collins, we spent time at the pool, we bought pets at the mall and we laughed until the wee hours of the morning. Now, one precious one is graduating high school, and just yesterday we were saying our prayers before bed. As I am busy with work, married life and the daily duties of starting a ministry, my heart longs for children of my own. But a reality sets in, that I too have grown up. I too have become older than I was 4 years ago when the dolly was just 3, I too no longer spend my summers at the pool and the evenings at the mall. Growing up is hard to do my friends, and it is harder when one faces the realities of adult life. But I will say, that with the years that have gone by, I have been blessed with warm memories and have had the opportunity to reconnect with the ones that I have lost through the journey. Needless to say, I have enjoyed the past several years; the growing pains have refined my faith and drawn me to the foot of the cross. I  hold the memories dear to my heart and these little one’s are forever covered by my prayers. God is good and has protected all these little ones, for that I am forever grateful! 


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