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Fridays and attendance policies…

Friday – there is something that brings overwhelming joy to my brain when I hear that word. Maybe it is because it means the work week is over, or that the weekend has come – either way, I have come to love Friday… As I have gotten older I have come to terms with the reality of working… I have spent more time in the past 25 years in school; actually I have spent 23 of those years in school to be honest. With the understanding that I did not hold a full time job during high school or college,  I have spent only 2 years amidst the working world. In the past two years I have come to learn several things, all of which are lessons that I believe I could not have learned regardless of my major in college. There are just some things that one has to learn while working. For example, attendance at one’s place of employment is far different compared to attendance policies in college. While I attended Colorado State, my professors could care less if I attended class on a regular basis, as long as I showed up on exam day, everything was fine. It was up to me to get my work done. Well, my eyes are open now! With the understanding of over the past year, I have experienced some medical issues as did my husband, so I was not missing out on work to bar hop, rather to attend to these medical issues. But I was recently informed via the policies and procedures manual, that one could be let go because of their attendance. You can loose your job if you miss too many days, regardless of the reason. A friend of mine was just let go, she has cancer, and has missed work due to her treatment schedule… man, that is a rough reality. I have also come to learn that with the days I missed, I worked from home, but those days still count as absent… Man, the things one learns during the work week…


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