What I want to do when I grow up…

I have been sitting in meetings most of the day, surrounded by specialty physicians and various types of nursing specialists. I am often times speechless as I watch this group of individuals interact with one another. They are completely filled with passion for what they do. They have spend thousands of hours studying their specialties, they have spent thousands of dollars perfecting their practices and they are determined to become experts as technology and time changes their specialties. If you asked many of them when they were little, what they wanted to do when they grew up, most of them would have said exactly what they are doing. So it lead to me ask myself the same question, what do I want to do when I grow up?I got to thinking about my so called passion. I want to relentlessly pursue something as if one’s life depended on my passion. I became stumped when I tried to nail down my one true passion. So I have made a list of things I love and enjoy doing, studying and even getting paid for, these are the things I would be happy doing as a career…

  1. I love my current job – I have enjoyed the construction, design and planning part of building the new hospital. I have also enjoyed learning everything there is to know about the operations within a hospital.
  2. Emergency Department Trauma – I have enjoyed learned the role of a trauma coordinator and I have come to learn that I thrive off adrenaline.
  3. Gymnastics – Most of my life has been dedicated to this sport. I have spent hours coaching young ones and dreaming of owning my own gym.
  4. Swim Team Coach – I have spent several summer coaching swim teams across the state. I enjoy the sport and I have always loved to swim.
  5. Swim Lesson Instructor – As I have gotten older I have become more adamant about teaching young ones to swim. I think it is important for children of all ages to be able to swim, I consider it a “life must”. I have taught swim lessons for several families and find great joy in watching the little ones explore the water.
  6. Ministry Leader/Author – I have fallen in love with writing. I desire to see my work published and have experienced significant growth in writing Bible Studies for the GiRLs OnLy MiNiStRy. I have fallen in love with the developing relationships with girls all over the state and country. I enjoy watching their lives change and most of all I enjoy watching them fall in love with Jesus.

So which one of these things am I passionate about? Well, I define passion as something I live and breath for, something I want everyone else to experience and most of all I define passion as something that I would die for without question. With that said, there is only one category that makes me bubble inside, that is the Ministry Leader/Author. There is nothing more important to me than showing Jesus to the girls within the GiRLs OnLy MiNiStRy, teaching them about Jesus and encouraging them to follow Him.  I bleed for Jesus and Jesus only. I enjoy spending hours talking about Him, researching His word and writing study material for others. My insides get excited to think about a career within the GiRLs OnLy MiNiStRy. I desire to see it succeed. I desire to see lives changed because of the Lord’s love and grace. I want to pursue it at all costs. I want to be an expert in this area of the world, just as the people I am surrounded by are experts in various Medical specialities. It is my hearts passion, my life calling and my deepest desire to relentlessly pursue this ministry.

With that said, now that I have figured out my true passion, the one thing I want to spend my life doing, what am I going to do with it? Well, for now, I will rest in the Lord, I will research His word in hopes of finding guidance as to what to do and where to go with what I know, and most of all I will pray. I will pray for Him to reveal His desires to me, I will pray for direction, I will pray for His assistance and I will pray for His blessing. I will pray with confidence in the answers that will come, I will pray with relentless passion for refinement and increasing knowledge. I will wait with excitement as I watch the Lord do His work, and I will be honored if this ministrIt is nice to finally know however, what I want to do when I grow up! The journey continues!


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