GiRLs OnLy MiNiStEry

Why does it surprise me to see the Lord work? Well, all I have to say is I have once again been reaffirmed as to my life long calling. You see, I have started a ministry called GiRLs OnLy. It is for girls only, obviously from the name, J between the ages of 13 and 19. It amazes me how girls between of this age group struggle with the things of the world, is there a place for them to go and truly be open about life? I know that I needed a place, a needed a person, more importantly, I needed to know that no matter what was shared or what I did, there would be no judgment. So through relentless hours of prayer, I have decided to follow Jesus and get this ministry off the ground. The ministry includes various Bibles Studies concerning hard to discuss topics, a gathering place to watch movies, laugh and do all the girly things one would ever want to do and most of all it includes these girls.  

The Lord has brought several girls across my path lately, but one that holds a special place in my heart. I won’t use her name, but I was her family’s nanny during the summers while I was in high school. I loved these kids, I still love them. More importantly, I received a prayer request from a church I don’t attend on a regular basis concerning this young lady. I have to say lady now because she is no longer 7 but rather 17. So I called her mom, to catch up, see what I could do and just to say I was praying for them. Well, the Lord opened doors that I never knew existed. I spend over an hour talking to this woman, just about her daughter, her relationship with the Lord and most of all, how I could pray for them! I am forever honored that the Lord has given me the chance to do His work in the life of this young woman I once put to bed. I am honored to be His hands and feet, I am excited as to the future of this ministry and most of all I am excited to see Jesus in more ways than I could ever imagine. And to think I was not going to come into work today – Praises be unto Him!


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