A nap and a meeting…

Well, I know everyone has done this at least once… everyone has fallen asleep in some class throughout their life. And if they tell you that they haven’t, well, then they are perfect, and perfect people are no fun! J So I am still suffering from the heavy head syndrome, not enough sleep, being sick and starting to stress out about the big hospital move. So, I was in a meeting, against my will, because I don’t believe that sick people should be stranded in a meeting with healthy people… they will get the healthy people sick and if I am forced to go to work, then I should not be surrounded by others… this is me trying to talk my way out of coming to work for the rest of the week… Now back to the meeting. So, I am in this meeting with probably 30 other people. I cannot talk well anyway due to this lovely illness I have… so I don’t have much input into the meeting anyways, I found myself a nice seat in the back and before long I was doing what I like to call “the high school head bob”. You know when you fall asleep and then jerk yourself awake. Yes, that was me today and I now give you permission to laugh at me, because when I woke up I started to laugh uncontrollably. So just to make things worse, because I was a little stuffy not only did my laugh sound odd, but I snorted as well. So needless to say I did not get caught sleeping, rather I got caught laughing at myself for sleeping, and snorting because I could not breath well, and so my secret was out – well, the work day is almost over and nothing sounds better than a warm bath, some hot tea and an early appointment with my oversized blankets, my fluffy bed and my adorable dog! Welcome to the corporate world my friends… even adults in the working world catch afternoon naps during lectures! Oh the joys of growing up continue!


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