Life in construction and the medical world revolves around terminology… I just spent a rather long 4 hours at the site learning all of the new terminology… I have included what I learned incase you ever need to know anything about hospitals and construction…  

Head Walls – The electrical and gas hook ups that are fixed to the wall directly above the patient’s bed, preferable directly above or slightly to the right of the patients head.  

Booms – The electrical and gas hook up that are fixed to the ceiling, often found in OR’s, ER’s and any maternity rooms. 

Special Care Nursery – Compared to the NICU – the Special Care Nursery is not the same as the NICU, rather the SCN has different regulations and specifications for the rooms, head walls, and windows.  

Body Holding – Compared to the Morgue – the body holding area is a refrigerated room that has no surgical capabilities within the room.  

Penthouse – the penthouse is the area in the hospital that is often above all patient floors, it is the place that the major heating, cooling and electrical equipment is kept and run from. The massive amount of generators and piping that one can find with in the penthouse is truly amazing!  

I know, the terms I have given you has drastically increased your knowledge! I know, I should totally charge for this material, but this one is a free bee!


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