Wireless technology!

I have come to terms with the fact that life is ever changing… but admits those changes I have found something I love – WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY! You see, I can blog from the ER, from my desk, from my kitchen table, from my bed and even from my car – while parked in the parking lot at the new facility! My love for wireless technology is just a step below by overflowing love for handbags.  For someone who is a true multitasker with a short attention spam and often finds herself submerged in boring meetings, wireless technology means several different things…  Unlimited bloging – which means I can blog while in the ED, at home, in bed or even at my desk (So old school these things called desks) Unlimited access to iTunes – which means more song shopping for me! Unlimited access to the following top shopping websites: Kate Spade, Nordstrom’s, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Pier 1, Payless Shoes, and of course the forever fabulous Coach. Unlimited access to various gossip websites: People, Hollywood Rag, Google, MSN, Comcast and depending on my location I can even get to myspace – block that IS! Unlimited access to email – for the off chance that I want to work, or have to for that matter.

Finally, unlimited access to the church website in which one can consume their time with childhood games such as MiniGolf, Tetris, and Duck Hunt. So I must say, the technology area has won my heart, I will forever be in love with Wireless technology…


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