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Cheerleading lessons…

cheer55-lg1.jpgI am amazed looking back on life when I think of the lessons I learn from my time as a cheerleader. Not only did I learn to count to three and clap at the same time…. “One, Two, Three…” I know it is shocking that one could learn deep life lessons from such a simple activity… But I learned how to make people believe everything was great when it was not. I was able to smile as the team was loosing, encourage those that were defeated and I was able to present myself on game day with a smile and a bow in my hair regardless of what obstacles I might have had to overcome. I find that if I could get away with a bow in my hair at the age of 25, I totally would! Is it fair to say that everyday is game day? Everyday requires some sort of ability to put on a polished smile and convince those around you that things are more than great, is that a fair statement?

Well, regardless of whether it is fair or not, that is reality. That is the reality within the working world, certainly when you are surrounded by people who do not have the same foundation as you. There are days, I am sure that I am not the only one, where it would be nice to show up to work in sweats and no makeup, just because the morning got off to a rough start. Regardless of what type of job you might have, I have a feeling that we have all had the “hard to get out of bed days” but yet, we have to put on the game day face and make it work. As I have grown up, as grown up as I could be at 25, I have learned the harsh realities of life. And that my friends, is one of them. I have also learned that with the harsh realities, there have been victory games as well. I am often brought back to the passion and excitement I experienced when the team won the game. Parties followed the game, the events of the game were talked about for days following and everyone knew that the team had won. There are those kinds of days within the working world as well. Those are the days when work is fun just because, or you receive a promotion and of course there is excitement with a job well done. So, as I learn about the harsh realities of life, I will embrace the victorious moments as well. Besides, one victory an adult gets to experience is HAPPY HOUR on FRIDAYS! Who could argue with happy hour! Well, the life of an adult has been fun, discouraging and most of all a learning process, all of which I have enjoyed!


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