“Wherever you are – be all there” Jim Elliot

My favorite college experience is when I got to meet missionary wife Elizabeth Elliot. There were few of us in that room, we got to sit there and listen to her speak, we got to engage in questions and more importantly we had the opportunity to have a woman of character impact our lives.   I remember being aw struck as I listened to her adventures with in the Huaorani people in Ecuador. I remember watching her face light up as she talked about her first husband, Jim. She talked about his passion for the Huaorani people. She talked about his love for Jesus, his willingness to go anywhere and share His word and then she started to talk about the day he never came home. Her face changed, her eyes filled with tears and she has a little crack in her voice as she began telling me of the day Jim died. He was one of five men who made initial contact with the Huaorani people, two days after his contact with them; they killed him and those he was with. These people were known for their violence, they were violent against people within their tribe as well as people from the outside. The conversation took a turn when Elizabeth began to talk about the day she returned to the very people that killed her husband. She told me of the day that the man who once killed her husband gave his life over to the Lord; she then went on to talk about how a friendship was established that very day.  An unexpected friendship but one that would impact several people and forever change the lives of those who surround them. I look upon this woman with great admiration. She is a strong woman of great integrity and a deep passion for the Lord. But more than that, she was a very real woman with real emotions and real experiences with the Lord. So I will take the words of her martyred husband and live with great passion. I find the lives of those who surround me to be such great examples of refined faith and strong conviction.  


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