We have toilet paper!

Yes I know that most facilities do have toilet paper – however – I have spent the last 3 weeks negotiating with the contractors regarding the toilet paper and paper towels dispensers in the new hospital. You see, the placement/construction plans did not a lot for the 2 inch distance between the personnel using the dispensers and the permanently adhered fixtures (the toilet, and sink) that is required by JCAHO, so need less to say, all 500 dispensers had to be moved. I know you would be able to follow the urgency of this problem more clearly with a diagram of some sort, but I am all of out diagrams, so bare with me. Now this might not seem like a big job, but in moving these dispensers we were given the delightful privilege to move 200 toilets 2 inches to the right or left, depending on the dispenser placement, and we also got the life changing opportunity to move 300 sinks, piping, plumbing only a few inches, never mind the endless amounts of wall repair that has now been completed. Today the final sink will be moved and all the walls will be patched and re painted. So we will now pass our state health inspection, and now, when you go to the bathroom and wash your hands, you will understand that the placement of those facilities was carefully and often times through out with some level of frustration. The project can resume…


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