Fruit Loops and Knockin Shoes…

I know it is no secret that I love children. There was a time in my life when I was living with a family who had three children. Their youngest was a girl, she had two older brothers, I will refer to her as The Dolly… I was home with them for a few days by myself and we needed to go to the grocery store. The boys and I get ready to go, but The Dolly, she decides she needed to change her outfit, for she was not dressed properly to go to the grocery. So she runs franticly up the stairs and comes down in her swim suit and her black shinny knockin shoes. I proceed in my attempts to convince her that she was better off in her jeans and cute pink shirt, but she would not hear of it, she wanted to wear her swim suit and knockin shoes to the store. So we were off… once we arrived at the grocery, to my surprise The Dolly wanted to walk everywhere, rather than ride in the cart or be carried. She loved the noise her knockin shoes made, she felt important and noticed. We came to the cereal isle and as I gather the needed cereal in the cart, I look up and find the most precious thing ever. There is The Dolly, in the middle of the isle, dancing and singing “Jesus Loves Me” while spinning with a box of fruit loops as if they were her partner.   She was making sure everyone in the store heard her singing and knew she was wearing her knockin shoes. There is something so simple about the faith of a child, their innocence and passion to be who they want. One day The Dolly is a princess with thousands of beads around her neck, and a few moments later, she is playing in the leaves with the boys pretending to be a soldier. She is who she is, without apology, she loves Jesus without any expectations, and she smiles at the thought of possibly having Fruit Loops as a dance partner.  I find such joy in watching her and the boys grow up. I enjoy watching them develop their faith in Jesus and most of all I love that they all love life. Interesting, how powerful children impact the world, and the lives that surround them! Faithful Followers at a young age, without apology and worry, something I strive to embrace…


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