To speak or not to speak…

In wave of my first political argument I have come to realize the importance of thick skin… And,  well I have always been known for saying what I think. However with that comes serious discussion. I love discussions, I love debates, I love to hear what other people think of what I have to say. If I am willing to state my opinion, I must also be willing to hear what others have to say… that will produce growth. My desire is to grow, to continue to educated myself and to in hopes one day educate and encourage others. I love to talk with those who are older than myself, they have experienced life in ways I could only image. I love to debate those who are older than myself, their knowledge surpasses mine and I can only gain refinement from our conversations.  

My mother use to say “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, and I want to make it my life motto that “If you have something to say, be willing to listen to those who also have something to say, be willing to endure personal refinement and open to the education that comes with the responses you receive, or don’t say anything at all…” What harm comes from saying what you believe, from debating with those who don’t agree with you and what harm comes from making an edcational change in your opinions?

Some might think my statements or views are uneducated. My response, how much education can a 25 year old woman really have. Education comes from learning, and learning comes from making decisions that might end up as mistakes. Regardless, is it fair to say that life is about learning? Isn’t that the purpose of life, to learn? I am exicted to be 25 and have the oppurtunity to say what is upon my heart, and to learn from what others say as a response. I don’t think that requires an apology for my opinion, rather the disclaimer that I am still learning and will spend the years to come being educated, and with that I will make several mistakes, so bare with me! Life is a journey in which it requires a lot of learning and hard work, but the rewards and blessings are forever boundless!


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