My first political arguement!

As a Christian and an employee within a local hospital I am saddened at the response to Focus on the Family’s position on this year’s election. I have included their position…

Election Day is upon us, and you have the opportunity to vote to protect marriage and the family in our great state.

A “yes” vote on Amendment 43 will protect marriage from redefinition by judges and the radical Colorado legislature.

Referendum I would create gay marriage in all but name in Colorado. Your “yes” vote on Amendment 43 will be meaningless if you neglect to vote “no” on Referendum I.

So make your vote for marriage count on November 7. And then, Coloradans will be voting on Amendment 44, which if passed would permit anyone over 21 in Colorado to possess up to an ounce of marijuana for any purpose.

A “no” Vote on Amendment 44 will protect Colorado’s children and families from the dangers of marijuana. You will also be voting on term limits for Colorado judges. If passed, Amendment 40 would put a stop to virtual life tenure for our state’s most powerful judges. It makes all seven Supreme Court Justices face a retention vote every four years, instead of every ten and makes all 19 Appeals Court Judges face a retention vote every four years, instead of every eight. Then it rotates all of those judges off the court after 10 years total (two-year probationary term following governor’s appointment, then two regular four-year terms assuming retention by voters).

Focus on the Family supports a “yes” vote on Amendment 40.

So when you step into the ballot booth on November 7:

  • Vote “yes” on Amendment 43 and Amendment 40
  • And Vote “no” on Referendum I and Amendment 44

I would like to start by saying, how one person votes is a private matter. Secondly, the above information does not inform voters of the issues, it simply states how Focus on the Family would like us to vote. There are no Amendment/Referendum explanations, with the exception of Amendment 40; they simply give you their option.

As an emergency trauma employee at a local hospital it saddens me to think that people would simple vote no on Referendum I just because it has to do with the homosexual life style. I would like to also say, before I continue further, that as a Christian, it is not my place to pass judgment one another’s life… So I will continue, I recently came to know a patient in which I will refer to as Joe. Joe and his partner had been together for over 20 years. Joe recently came to our hospital after a serious car accident, which left him unable to make important medical decisions. Since these two men had been together for 20 years, they had discussed issues such as organ donation, issues surrounding life support and determination of care. Because they were not married, Joe’s medical rights were given over to his family, particularly, his mother, whom he had no spoken to in over 25 years. She was left to decide his future, regardless of what Joe and his partner discussed.

I believe that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation deserves the right to appoint their own medical power of attorney, and is intitled to basical legal rights. And it is because Jesus Christ loved the lepers and forsaken that I will too love those that Focus on the Family forsakes. I encourage you to research these issues, rather than simply take the word of a “Christian” organization, that has pasted judgment upon others, as I am sure I am guilty of as well. But I encourage you to hear both sides of the argument.

 Is it our place to pass judgment, or to love the unloved? I choose to love the unloved, to stand up for those who are condemned by sin. All sin, regardless of what it is has been covered by the blood of Jesus.  


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