Election Day… TOMORROW!

Election Day in our contry is the day when everyone votes to make thier voice heard on several issues and or people who desire to take office.  I find it interesting that Election Day occurs on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November every year, which is normally between November 2 & November 8. This year, Election Day will fall on November 7, 2006, which is TOMORROW!  

Interesting how the seasons mark certain memories, you know the spring means summer is just around the corner and as a kid I lived for spring. But summer meant fall was coming which meant school was going to start which inadvertently means two things, school supplies shopping and as a college kid, dorm life began. So school starts, the back to school parties come and go, Halloween is here and gone before we know it and in the midst of it all we find out TV’s flooded with campaign adds.

Now as a kid of a Politian, I have come to terms with the plain fact that what is shown on TV is not always true – I know that may be shocking to some, but the TV does not count as a reliable source when trying to decide our country’s future. Now, I will admit that I have not voted since my mother ran for office, why you might ask? Well it is simply because things are nasty, the TV adds are nasty, the new articles are nasty and the victory parties are nasty.  The world of politics is just nasty. I have however; found a passion to vote this year, why you might ask… well it is simple… I am getting old. J

You know, there are certain things that mark your years, at sixteen you drive, at eighteen you buy cigarettes and 3/2 beer, at twenty one you go to the bars and at 25 you begin to realize the responsibilities of adulthood, which this year includes voting… I have realized the importance of voting for certain issues, while I have spent time in the working world, I must admit, my mind has transformed into an adult. Weird I know, but I thought getting old was when I started to go to bed at 11 pm on a Friday night, but I was wrong, it is when you find yourself interested in politics and voting. So, here is to getting older, at least for now, I will say it is and has been fun. With the bad, there has been more good, so I guess 25 is not so bad after all… there is fun after 21 folks!


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