Searching for normal…

I am getting ready to host a bachlorette party this evening. My cousin and dear friend is getting married in one month. It never ceases to amaze me how much work goes into a wedding. But I am the one that gets to have the “fun” party. I will say however, that I am a bit nervous; I am probably the wildest woman in the bunch and some how I have to have a tame party… I know this is possible and I have already run the activities by my mother to see if they were okay for all who are coming. I will say that, like throwing a party, all things in life that are worth anything will always be hard work. I am on this journey of self refinement, one I think everyone experiences at various times in their life, but I am still amazed at how much work it take just to be normal.  

Speaking of normal, is there such thing? Is it normal to have a tame bachlorette party, one with no strippers and no clubbing? I never had the wild party, but why does it feel so abnormal to have a classy party with a few girl friends… Is it normal to have no idea what the future holds at 25? If so, then why do so many people spend 4 – 5 years of their life in college trying to figure it out, only to find that after graduation they are in the same self discovery process they spent 4-5 years exploring? Is it normal to want to spend a quite evening at home doing nothing more than watching mindless TV? If so, then why are people overwhelmed with evening activities? I have come to terms with the fact that normal may not exist, but I guess that is why God created all of us so differently, but yet we are all created in His own image… something to ponder for a Friday morning!


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