Glossy Lips…

This morning I was running a little late into work. But something that I do everyday suddenly struck me as odd today. As a girl, I love lip gloss. I love shinny lips, what can I say… but what I absolutely cannot stand is the taste of flavored lip gloss. For the three simple reasons as follows. First, when you are drinking a hot beverage from Starbucks, every time you visit the lid for another tasty sip, you have to taste the lip gloss. Secondly, the flavors of lip gloss are always so weird, berry cherry, chorange (as if to mix chocolate and orange), and then my favorite dislike, the flavors that are suppose to taste like adult beverages… nothing is more gross to me. So the final reason I dislike flavored lip gloss… because I know this may be shocking, but I am not in the sixth grade anymore,  nor do I want to be consumed by the smell my lip gloss during the work day. I know, I must totally be the only one to ever have this problem, maybe it is because I have not graduated to lip stick yet… I am still in the lip gloss faze of life…The day has come however, that I enjoy the mixture of a little lip stick and the finish of gloss on top.  However, I do not for see myself as a solely invested lip stick kind of girl, I will always be a glossy girl, just not the flavored kind… Random thought I know… but that is all I have for this Wednesday morning… what can I say?


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