My Suzy!

Her name was Suzy. She was my mom’s best friend; I grew up with her son. We were inseparable, and to this day he is important to me. Josh and I could cause the most trouble, but no matter what we were in it together. Now I find myself in a situation that makes me want to see and speak with Suzy. I want to walk with her and ask her so many questions. I want to know what her heart was like when she walked away. She had three sons, all of which caused some trouble in our young years. But man they could have fun. I have memories of us causing trouble, laughing and most of all living life. First and foremost Suzy loved the Lord and her boys. Suzy was a strong woman, she lived her life the best she knew how and most of all she loved hard and fought hard. That I respect. She was a woman of the Lord that I admired, I still have moments when I think she is still around. I remember the day she went Home as if it was yesterday. As cancer consumed her, her heart was focused and steadfast upon the Lord. I remember her telling me that she was the Lord’s bride, and that no matter what her life on earth looked like to others, she knew she had a seat at the Kings table. She knew where she was going and made no apologies as to what roads she traveled down. I want to ask her the hard questions, I want to talk about what the Word says, I want her re-assurance that everything will be okay. I just wish she was here to hold my hand as I have the hard conversations, as my life changes and as my heart breaks. I just miss my friend.


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