Blood vs. Water…

So I always find it interesting when you think about the saying, “Blood is thicker than water”. So when I hear this saying my medical mind kicks in. I start to look at the actual components of what is involved with the sentence, blood and water. So hold on while I spat off some random facts that can be useless about water and blood. So let’s start with blood.

The average adult has about five liters of blood living inside of their body, coursing through their vessels, delivering essential elements, and removing harmful wastes. Without blood, the human body would stop working. Blood is the fluid of life, transporting oxygen from the lungs to body tissue and carbon dioxide from body tissue to the lungs. Blood is the fluid of growth, transporting nourishment from digestion and hormones from glands throughout the body. Blood is the fluid of health, transporting disease fighting substances to the tissue and waste to the kidneys. The pH of human blood is 7.4.

Now to talk about random, often times useless facts of water, one atom of oxygen bound to two atoms of hydrogen. The hydrogen atoms are “attached” to one side of the oxygen atom, resulting in a water molecule having a positive charge on the side where the hydrogen atoms are and a negative charge on the other side, where the oxygen atom is.  Pure water has a neutral pH of 7, which is neither acidic nor basic.So after the random and useless factoids about blood and water, the statement remains, “Blood is thicker than water”.  From my years in biology and chemistry, I have learned that the simple fact is, blood is thicker than water, the chemical structure of blood causes the blood cells to be chemically and physically thicker than water.

Call me simple minded, by just knowing that the statement is scientifically true, makes the decisions that are ahead of me easier. I know that I have always done what I wanted, I have made my own decisions, some would say they were mistakes, but i say they were lessons I needed to learn. There has always been a support system around me that remained faithful, that is my family. Regardless how wierd they all are at times, they are mine and I am theirs… So at the conclusion of this 21 days, I hope to find myself, my passion and realize the depths of the Lords love for me. Interesting thought…  


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