She is spoiled!

 Top Ten Ways to Tell if Your Dog is Spoiled! 

10. The 30 lb bag of food is more than $1 per pound.

9.   She gets the remainder of the half empty bottles of water.

8.   She would rather go potty on a potty matte in the garage when it is either raining or snowing outside.

7.   She knows that she will be picked up if she scratches your leg enough.  

6.   She is carried as if she was a baby.

5.   She is missed terribly during the day while she is home alone.

4.   She is consulted as to the TV shows or movies on girl’s night.

3.   She is a member of the Girls Only Bible Study.

2.   She has her own pillow on the bed.

1.    Not only is she allowed to sleep on the bed with her own pillow,

 but she sleeps under the covers as if your only purpose during the night is to keep her warm!

Yep, my dog is spoiled… interestingly she has become more of a companion and friend then a pet. She is the one I tell my secrets too, I consult her on my outfit choice for the day and I am thrilled to see her when the day is over. You might think I am nuts, but I am in love with my little one, Nhyja.

Yes – I finally got her out in the snow, she was not happy with my, but isn’t she just precious in the snow!


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