I too belong to Jesus…

I have never really been one to just consider things coincidences, and so when I came across one of my favorite Psalms, that would be Psalm 119,  I was amazed that some one else knows just what I am feeling! Jesus gave me His word and that is no coincidence, rather a Father fulfilling His promise to provide for His daughter….

This is from Psalm 119: 29-40 via the Message Translation.   

    I’m feeling terrible—I couldn’t feel worse!
      Get me on my feet again. You promised, remember?
   When I told my story, you responded;
      train me well in your deep wisdom.
   Help me understand these things inside and out
      so I can ponder your miracle-wonders.
   My sad life’s dilapidated, a falling-down barn;
      build me up again by your Word.
   Barricade the road that goes Nowhere;
      grace me with your clear revelation.
   I choose the true road to Somewhere,
      I post your road signs at every curve and corner.
   I grasp and cling to whatever you tell me;
      God, don’t let me down!
   I’ll run the course you lay out for me
      if you’ll just show me how.

  God, teach me lessons for living
      so I can stay the course.
   Give me insight so I can do what you tell me—
      my whole life one long, obedient response.
   Guide me down the road of your commandments;
      I love traveling this freeway!
   Give me a bent for your words of wisdom,
      and not for piling up loot.
   Divert my eyes from toys and trinkets,
      invigorate me on the pilgrim way.
   Affirm your promises to me—
      promises made to all who fear you.
   Deflect the harsh words of my critics—
      but what you say is always so good.
   See how hungry I am for your counsel;
      preserve my life through your righteous ways!

I just want to shout AMEN! Yes, God is good, He hears me when I cry out – and that is a given. If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that my heart belongs to Jesus, my life belongs to Jesus and so therefore I too belong to Jesus. With Him, I can do all things. So I will assume, I can walk this road as well. I will admit that during this time of seeking to understand, I have be able to focus all of my attention on Him, the one who is dressed in white and dripping of blood, my Savior. I will remain on this walk, because here I am close to Him, here He is the most important, and it is on this road that He is all I give my attention to. Is there a better place than that?


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